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Buy a Backpack or a Bomber Jacket made in Kibera!

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Solenne wearing David's backpack from Kibera

David Avido is a fashion designer who grew up in Kibera. He started designing clothes for his own dance group in 2015. When he launched his own brand Lookslike Avido, the reputation of his colorful bomber jackets crossed the Atlantic. Reggae Jamaican singer Chronixx or Chris Martin love to wear them at concerts.

Malo wearing one of David's Bomber Jacket

David and Project Kenya

In June 2019, Project Kenya launched a sewing program with Uweza Young Mothers, teaching them how to make reusable sanitary pads or diapers. We bought some sewing machines and left them with some Kitenge fabrics. Few weeks later, Uweza asked David Avido to come and share his knowledge with them. "There is nothing amazing like sharing your passion with individuals that are really passionate to learn your passion.

First time on a sewing machine for this young mother

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