About Project Kenya


Project Kenya was created to help under-privileged children or young adults living in Kibera, one of the largest slums in Africa, to become self-reliant.

Pierrick Gould and his mom Marie Delecourt first volunteered at the Red Rose School and Uweza Foundation during the summer of 2017. Upon returning, they decided to continue to support the actions of the two organizations from home by sponsoring students, creating volunteer trips and helping raise money.

Project Kenya aims to make a real difference in the life of the kids and young adults living in the slum by supporting programs which develops talents, skills or abilities. Building self-confidence, giving hope and allowing them to explore new paths is the key towards self-reliance.


Over the last four years, fundraising events but also volunteering trips to Kibera has given the chance to Project Kenya to support many students in primary or high schools but also to launch different programs such as ballet, soccer clinics, photography and art classes. During the volunteering trips in Kibera, buildings have been renovated and two events organized to reach out to young adults: Kibera ArtFest to promote artists but also A Pitch Competition to allocate micro-loans and training to young entrepreneurs.

And Project Kenya is particularly proud of helping to establish the Red Rose Safe House for girls who experience abuse at home.

Fundraising Team: Paul Marcais, Malo Guerin, Alice Marcel, Dimitri Ruszkowski, Gabriel Borsuk, Jeanne Merveilleux, Raphaele Guerin, Marie Delecourt and Kids Club at Lycée Français de Los Angeles

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