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Project Kenya supports the red rose school

Located in Kibera, the Red Rose School was opened to offer disadvantaged and vulnerable children a primary education. It welcomes 400 kids living in the slum. Most families struggle and cannot afford the school fees. Thanks to its sponsorship program, the school is able to accommodate the most under privileged and offers a two meals a day to all the children.

Red Rose has a very strong background in co-curricular activities and offers several classes in art, music and sports. In addition to sponsoring students and participating in the Feeding Program, Project Kenya has increased its support to the ballet and art classes. We also renovated the library in 2018 and the classrooms and fences in 2019.


Project Kenya is particularly proud of helping to launch a safe house at Red Rose which offers the girls a safe and quiet place to study. We bought a ping-pong table, outdoor and indoor games, books, TV and other supplies for the school and the safe house. 

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