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Live with Kibera

Project Kenya invited young mothers and students from Kibera to talk about their challenges through a zoom live with New York on May 18, 2023.

With the help of Jeff Okoth from Uweza Foundation, we toured Kibera slums and visited Helen who started a beauty salon, Janet struggling to find jobs as a female electrician, Joseph who finished high school with success thanks to sponsorship, ...finally, Lydia from Passion to Share foundation opened the door of her organization where we could see young mothers learning how to become fashion or graphic designers through 6 months training course. "From this little place, she said, we create great women...we try to give the most needy young mothers hope and a chance to open a business on their own. "

Their motto: "being mentored, being taught a skill, sharing experience with other young mothers at Uweza or PSF community center helped us feel EMPOWERED...The narrative changed for us once we joined these we have a future !"

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