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Empowering Girls and Women Through Soccer

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

As the Women’s World Cup in 2019 has had an impact on young women and girls in the U.S, Kibera slum have seen an influx of girls attending soccer practice sessions as well.

Uweza Soccer Academy has responded to their demand. For the last year, their women’s team has been one of the strongest in the area and now they decided to offer an equal participation of girls in their soccer program by starting several teams for girls under 13.

Breaking free from gender disparity and repressive cultural norms, women and girls soccer encourages self-confidence, leadership skills, resilience and strength.

Organizations that use sports to promote social and economic development say girls who get involved tend also to be healthier, do better in school and have a better status in their families.

Uweza Girls Soccer Academy. Photo @cedrick joseph

Uweza launch a fundraiser at the beginning of the month to support the new program. "Though they were committed to attending, the girls did not have proper football shoes and were playing in their home clothes. So we reached out for help and were able to raise enough funds to equip 50 girls with shoes and personalized Uweza jerseys", says Jennifer Sapitro, Uweza Foundation CEO. "After several weeks of measuring, shopping, and fitting, we distributed the shoes and jerseys to the girls, in the presence of their parents. Now, on Saturday and Sundays, you can see groups of girls walking through Kibera proudly wearing their jerseys as they head to practice. And at the Uweza field, they are fully equipped to play alongside the boys."

What you do?

Donate $10 and buy one pair of soccer shoes for one player Donate $15 and buy a personalized Uweza practice uniform for one player Donate $25 and fully equip one player with shoes and a uniform

Photo @Cedrick Joseph


. Go to Home page and click on Donate

. You will access to our fundraising page "Give Every Kibera Kid a Chance To Shine"

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