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Thank You. We Have Successfully Raised More Than $5,000 With Our Covid-19 Fund

Last week we asked for your help for our Project Kenya "Covid-19- Help Us Protect Kibera" campaign. As of today, more than $5,000 have been raised. Thank you so much to the 70 donors who've participated.

With your support and the help of Uweza foundation and LookslikeAvido, more than 5,000 cloth masks have been distributed all over the settlement, 10 awareness murals painted and 400 bottles of soaps distributed. Thank you, thank you! Tomorrow the food pantry will start...150 vulnerable families will receive a food pack to survive for a couple of weeks.

It is not too late to help us as we need to reach out to more families and produce more masks and soaps.

Again thank you for your help! It is amazing to see how many people can open their heart in those difficult moments.

Stay safe.

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